BWF gaat nieuwe puntentelling testen

Hieronder kunt u het persbericht lezen van de Badminton World Federation over haar voornemen om de komende maanden een nieuwe puntentelling te gaan testen.
The Badminton World Federation will seek to test a five-game scoring system – to 11 points with no setting – in the coming months.
Following the BWF Council meeting on 30 May, it has been agreed to invite tournament hosts to trial this scoring option, starting from August. While no decision has been taken on whether a new scoring system will be adopted, the Council has determined there is enough interest in the matter to consider what alternatives there may be and how these would alter badminton for players, fans and other stakeholders.
“Following consultations with players and BWF delegates about various scoring systems, we think there is merit in testing alternatives and we have chosen to test the 5×11 option which is significantly different from what we have now. In recent years, the increasing time span of matches and long lead-up to the end of games and matches – especially where there’s a big points difference – has somewhat compromised the level of excitement,” said BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer.

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